Summer 2018 Application
We believe that a startup internship can profoundly impact a student’s professional future, as well as give growing companies a huge boost in talent and capacity. San Antonio’s future economy depends on growing and retaining top talent, and we believe we can help. By matching companies directly with students looking for work in the startup world, we can lower the cost and risk of hiring, incentivizing more companies to hire and more students to stick around San Antonio.
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Students + Startups ultimately hopes to create a talent pipeline that continues to fuel and fill the tech ecosystem downtown. As a Students + Startups partner company, we hope that you'll be able to share some of your insights about entrepreneurship. Would you be able/interested in giving a talk sometime during the 10 weeks to our entire intern cohort? *

I understand that being in this program will require me to guide and mentor my intern. I realize this includes an initial orientation in which we will set goals and learning objectives, review the companies policies and expectations, as well as schedule a recurring weekly meeting to touch base on the project/s the intern is overseeing. *

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By completing this application, I commit to interviewing a vetted student of the S+S program and to guaranteeing a supervisor will be on site throughout the entire 10-week summer internship. *

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I understand that participation in this program will necessitate that I make a total payment of $2,000.00 as the cost of an intern’s 10-week salary. *

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In the past, some companies had additional requirements for applicants and others had supplemental information b/c their company hadn't actually launched yet.
Thank you for your application. If you are accepted, we will be contacted on or before February 15, 2018, with next steps and more information.